4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Ford

Warmer weather is the perfect time to show your vehicle some TLC. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for your Ford.

Wash the exterior

Handwash the exterior of your vehicle with a carwash product and sponge. Use a tire-cleaning spray and firm brush to scrub grime off of the tires. Rinse it clean with a hose, and make sure to hose off the undercarriage to eliminate any road salt and other debris that have accumulated during the colder months of driving.

Dejunk and clean the interior

Dispose of any trash that is cluttering up the cabin and relocate any unnecessary items you’re keeping in the vehicle. Vacuum the upholstery and carpets, then take out the floor maps to vacuum or hose them off, depending whether they’re carpeted or vinyl. It’s also a good idea to dust the air vents and other hard surfaces throughout the interior, especially if you’re sensitive to spring allergens and dust mites. 

Clean the headlights

If your vehicle’s headlights have grown hazy with film, it’s time to clean them. Save yourself some time and hassle by scheduling a maintenance appointment with us here at Kevin’s Royal Auto. You’ll also want to inspect the bulbs of your headlights, hazards, and turn signals to ensure that they are still working.

Replace wiper blades

Spring often means heavy rain showers. Make sure to inspect windshield wiper blades for signs of damage and deterioration in case you need new ones to ensure visibility during a new season of driving. If the wiper blades are still in good shape, wipe them clean with some rubbing alcohol to remove any residue to prevent them from leaving streaks on the windshield.

Call us at Kevin’s Royal Auto in Cooperstown to have one of our experienced technicians give your vehicle a spring inspection.

Welcome Spring with These Routine Vehicle Maintenance Steps

Keeping up with routine vehicle maintenance is the No. 1 step you can take to ensure that your car, truck, or SUV drives safely and smoothly for years to come. With spring making its arrival, now is a great time to get started.

Get an oil change. Your vehicle needs an oil change roughly twice a year or every 5,000 miles. If you haven’t had an oil change since the fall, bring it in for one — and have your tires rotated as well. Good mechanics will perform thorough inspections of your entire vehicle, pinpoint potential issues, and keep you up to date on less common maintenance items.

Take care of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning isn’t just limited to your house. Give your car a good wash and wax, and take this opportunity to clean out the inside as well. Throw away trash, vacuum the carpets, and dust all the air vents.

Ensure good visibility. Get ready for those spring showers by replacing your wiper blades if yours are leaving streaks. Now is a good time to inspect all exterior lights as well to ensure none are burnt out. Replace any as necessary.

This spring, be sure to take care of these car maintenance essentials — either at home or with a visit to our service department at Kevin’s Royal Auto.

Try This Trio of New Year’s Driving Resolutions

While most people try to eat healthier or kick bad habits around this time of year, you might also want to consider one of these New Year’s driving resolutions. From sticking to a maintenance schedule to going on a road trip, achieving these goals will help you make the most of the time you spend in your vehicle.

First, resolve to change your vehicle’s oil regularly. The oil lubricates the engine and ensures longevity, but it needs to be changed consistently to keep the engine working properly. You should check oil levels at least once a month and get the oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles (some vehicles may be able to go longer — see your owner’s manual).

Second, consider learning how to change a flat. While most cars come with a spare tire, not everyone on the road knows how to install one. For instance, did you know that there’s a specific pattern to follow when tightening the lug nuts? Even if you think you know how to change a flat, practice it just to be safe.

Third, plan a road trip. This is one resolution that can help you learn to appreciate your vehicle, whether you’re headed cross-country or to a nearby town. You can head to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to see where the TV show “The Office” was filmed, or cruise to Syracuse for an easy day trip.

Here at Kevin’s Royal Auto, we hope these resolutions will help you enjoy a more fulfilling 2020 behind the wheel.

Celebrate the Season with These Cooperstown Holiday Events

The holidays are here, which means it’s time for fun with family and friends. Add these Cooperstown holiday events to your calendar and get the most out of this joyful season.

Wassailing Weekend

You probably know the Christmas song, “Here We Come a Wassailing,” but do you know what “wassailing” is? Every weekend through Dec. 22, you can head to the Fly Creek Cider Mill in Fly Creek and learn how to make Wassail, the traditional holiday drink. You can also browse the gift shop to find unique presents.

Santa Express Train Ride

The Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Railroad will have a variety of holiday-themed train rides every weekend starting Nov. 29. If you have young kids, they will love riding on a train and getting to meet Santa at the same time. Tickets cost $18 for children and $21 for adults. Buy your tickets early before they sell out.

Candlelight Evening

The Farmers’ Museum is a local treasure here in Cooperstown. Every year, it hosts a Candlelight Evening to celebrate Christmas. There will be magical candle luminaries, horse-drawn carriage rides, visits from Saint Nicholas, holiday music, warm wassail, and delicious food.

Here at Kevin’s Royal Auto in Cooperstown, we wish you a happy holiday season and a great time visiting these local celebrations.

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is on the horizon, and that means you need to prep your car now for the changing weather. The following car maintenance tips will help ready your car for the season’s harsh conditions and cold temperatures.

Fluid checks

To help prevent your engine from freezing, you need proper levels of coolant and antifreeze. Check that your fluid levels are correct. If you’re overdue or due for an oil change, now is the time for a service call. You’ll also want to top off your windshield wiper fluid reservoir with fluid designed especially for the season’s demanding precipitation.

Tire checks

Your vehicle’s most important safety feature is one that’s easily overlooked — the tires. Proper inflation and tires free from damage, bulges, and excessive wear and tear will help safeguard your journeys. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended PSI and check the tread on each tire. Since Cooperstown gets a lot of snow each year, you might also want to upgrade to winter tires.

Battery test

Extreme weather will tax your car’s battery. Before you walk out to a dead battery after a long day of work, test your battery’s charge and replace with a new one if necessary.

Winter emergency kit

Stock your car’s emergency kit with winter-specific essentials. Include a change of warm clothes, an extra blanket, spare pair of gloves, a flashlight and extra batteries, a first-aid kit, water, a bag of sand or kitty litter for when your tire gets stuck in the snow, a small shovel, ice scraper, granola bars, nuts or jerky and a cellphone fully charged to be used in case of emergency.

For all your car maintenance needs, in winter and throughout the year, contact Kevin’s Royal Auto in Cooperstown.