Try This Trio of New Year’s Driving Resolutions

While most people try to eat healthier or kick bad habits around this time of year, you might also want to consider one of these New Year’s driving resolutions. From sticking to a maintenance schedule to going on a road trip, achieving these goals will help you make the most of the time you spend in your vehicle.

First, resolve to change your vehicle’s oil regularly. The oil lubricates the engine and ensures longevity, but it needs to be changed consistently to keep the engine working properly. You should check oil levels at least once a month and get the oil changed every three months or 3,000 miles (some vehicles may be able to go longer — see your owner’s manual).

Second, consider learning how to change a flat. While most cars come with a spare tire, not everyone on the road knows how to install one. For instance, did you know that there’s a specific pattern to follow when tightening the lug nuts? Even if you think you know how to change a flat, practice it just to be safe.

Third, plan a road trip. This is one resolution that can help you learn to appreciate your vehicle, whether you’re headed cross-country or to a nearby town. You can head to Scranton, Pennsylvania, to see where the TV show “The Office” was filmed, or cruise to Syracuse for an easy day trip.

Here at Kevin’s Royal Auto, we hope these resolutions will help you enjoy a more fulfilling 2020 behind the wheel.

Get FordPass™ Remote Services for Free

When you buy a new Ford vehicle, you’ll also get an array of connected services like remote start, maintenance appointment scheduling, and more — at no extra charge.

Available to Ford customers through a smartphone app, FordPass™ remote services are now complimentary instead of subscription-based. Ford is the first major automaker to provide these app-based remote services for free.

Ford already offers a free standard 911 Assist system that pairs with mobile phones to notify emergency responders after a crash.

“This approach truly sets us apart in the industry,” said Jason Sprawka, Ford’s director of customer experience. “We know that keeping our customers connected and engaged is key to building a deeper relationships with them.”

With FordPass™, customers can start, lock, and unlock a vehicle using the app. They can also schedule service at a Ford dealership, check fuel and fluid levels, and request roadside assistance. FordPass™ users are also automatically eligible for FordPass™ Rewards, a loyalty program that lets customers earn points for buying, leasing, or servicing a Ford vehicle at participating dealerships. These points can be redeemed for free maintenance services.

Learn more about FordPass™ when you visit Kevin’s Royal Auto in Cooperstown to test-drive one of our many outstanding Ford models.