Wrangler and Pacifica Among Best Cars for Dog Lovers

Autotrader recently released its list of the 10 Best Cars for Dog Lovers for the sixth consecutive year, and both the 2019 Jeep® Wrangler and the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica were included for their pet-friendly features.

The editors at Autotrader compiled the list so you can know which cars are fit for road trips with a dog aboard. In order to make the list, a car needs to have features that keep both canine and human passengers safe and comfortable.

Since 2016, the Chrysler Pacifica has been the most awarded minivan with over 100 industry awards under its belt. The latest accolade was granted to the minivan because of features like the available Stow ‘n Vac integrated vacuum powered by RIDGID, which is great for cleaning up messes your dog makes.

The Pacifica also contains the Stow ‘n Go seating and storage system with Stow ‘n Assist and Easy Tilt, which can conveniently make more room for pets. The hands-free sliding doors and liftgate open with just a kicking motion so you can more easily load your pets into the vehicle.

The Wrangler and the Pacifica are also considered among the best rides for you and your dog because they both offer available Mopar® accessories like a pet kennel, cargo mats, and floor mats.

The Jeep® Wrangler and the Chrysler Pacifica make road tripping with your pets more feasible. See which vehicle is right for you and your pet by taking a test drive at Kevin’s Royal Auto.

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is on the horizon, and that means you need to prep your car now for the changing weather. The following car maintenance tips will help ready your car for the season’s harsh conditions and cold temperatures.

Fluid checks

To help prevent your engine from freezing, you need proper levels of coolant and antifreeze. Check that your fluid levels are correct. If you’re overdue or due for an oil change, now is the time for a service call. You’ll also want to top off your windshield wiper fluid reservoir with fluid designed especially for the season’s demanding precipitation.

Tire checks

Your vehicle’s most important safety feature is one that’s easily overlooked — the tires. Proper inflation and tires free from damage, bulges, and excessive wear and tear will help safeguard your journeys. Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended PSI and check the tread on each tire. Since Cooperstown gets a lot of snow each year, you might also want to upgrade to winter tires.

Battery test

Extreme weather will tax your car’s battery. Before you walk out to a dead battery after a long day of work, test your battery’s charge and replace with a new one if necessary.

Winter emergency kit

Stock your car’s emergency kit with winter-specific essentials. Include a change of warm clothes, an extra blanket, spare pair of gloves, a flashlight and extra batteries, a first-aid kit, water, a bag of sand or kitty litter for when your tire gets stuck in the snow, a small shovel, ice scraper, granola bars, nuts or jerky and a cellphone fully charged to be used in case of emergency.

For all your car maintenance needs, in winter and throughout the year, contact Kevin’s Royal Auto in Cooperstown.